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Summertime Grilled Vegetables

I've been remiss in posting one of my best-kept secrets: Grilled Vegetables. They are my go to summer filling for tacos, enchiladas, salads, and wraps. Grilled veggies pair nicely with garlicky hummus to make for a light summer lunch, especially when watermelon is served as a side. Here's the best way to prepare the bounty of summer.
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Hearty Potato Salad: Part Deux

When I started writing recipes for this blog I was going off the basics. I was working full time in kitchens and trying to pump out recipes to keep you, the reader, informed. I’m really good at following my own recipes, and I have good instincts in cooking, which is why recipe writing is a challenge. I have to stop, measure, and document the process.

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Arroz, Spanish Rice that isn’t so Spanish

I grew up calling Arroz Spanish Rice. This followed me into adulthood, and up into my 30’s. I found out not too long ago, that what I learned to call Spanish Rice isn’t so Spanish. It really doesn’t have anything to do with Spain, or how they cook rice in that country (think Paella). Arroz really is Mexican Rice, cooked in a tomato base with peppers, onions, and garlic. I’ve been making this rice for as long as I remember, back to when I would stay with my grandparents on the farm. I’ve since perfected it, and made Arroz palatable for the Vegan.

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Vegan Whipped Potatoes

One of the things I love are mashed, or whipped potatoes. As a vegan-minded person, I’ve learned to make a tasty vegan version, sans cream and butter. Substitute the butter for a vegan margarine of your choice, and use soy milk instead of heavy cream or whole milk.

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Potato Salad, the Vegan Way

This last weekend was July 4th. Classic times for barbecues and cookouts. Think of coleslaw, potato salad, burgers, family, fireworks.

But what does a vegan do when faced with mayonnaise and eggs mixed with potatoes and pickles?

They make their own potato salad, minus the dairy items. I created this recipe just in time for pre-fireworks festivities. Depending on where you live, Veganaise is available at a Whole Foods or a local Co-op. You can probably find a version of it in your local grocer. Try it out on Labor day weekend. Challenge your meat-eating friends to find the difference between it and their usual salad.

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Garlicky Hummus

I love chickpeas, and well, hummus is a result of cooked chickpeas ground up into a smooth paste and slathered onto pita bread, and typically eaten with cucumbers and olives. Although you can dip just about any vegetable into Hummus and have it taste good.

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