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National Grilling Month: BBQ Tofu and more!

Happy National Grilling Month!

Summertime is perfect for firing up the backyard grill (or where ever you put yours) and July is the month to celebrate. Here are a few ideas for the vegan Grill Master to put between their tongs and on the flame.

As a chef, I’ve done my share of grilling. On the line, the grill station is one of the most valued positions. The grill guy has to cook everything to perfection and in a timely fashion. On several occasions, I’ve turned down this highly prized position in favor of the saute station. Saute is a higher pressure position and usually involves more vegetables and fish than meat.

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December Food Observances: 2015

As we round into the Holidays it’s time to take a look at the food holidays for this month – and there are some pretty tasty ones coming up!

Heading the list of month-long celebrations December gives us National Fruit Cake Month, so bust out that old recipe from your grandmother and get it done. Fruit cake was a way of using up fruit that would have otherwise rotted in a cellar (Refrigeration is a relatively new invention in the history of food storage).

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Compassionate Holiday Meal Ideas

I don’t typically post holiday recipes or what to eat, drink, and cook. This year I’ve compiled some of my favorite recipes that you can use to wow your friends and amaze your family.

All the recipes are vegan and gluten free, made from scratch, utilizing minimum allergy causing foods. (Well, I do use soy, probably more than is good for me, but I don’t have that particular allergy.)

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World Vegan Day – November 1st

Happy World Vegan Day, and Month. The Vegan Society coined the phrase vegan in 1944. World Vegan Day was implemented in 1994 by the President to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vegan Society.

The word vegan has grown to carry weight and meaning over the years. People who choose a plant-based lifestyle spend time educating our friends and family about what being a vegan means. These might include but are not limited to: why vegans do not eat meat, why animal rights and advocacy is important, and why we do not wear clothing made out of animal skins.

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November Food Observances 2015

It’s almost November and time to look at all the food holidays that vegans can celebrate. Up first, it’s World Vegan Month! This is the time to learn all you can about eating vegan, why factory farming is inhumane, and what we can do to build urban gardens and make city food deserts places where food plants flourish and feed families. The sole weekly observance this month celebrates figs. This makes me very happy, because I do love figs. The daily food observances include everything from pecans to peppers to pomegranate. And the daily celebrations have fun foods like nachos, sundaes, and pizza with everything (do you put kale on pizza?).
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October Food Observances 2015

The month of October brings one of the days that all my friends love to celebrate: Halloween. But before we jump ahead to the time of the veil lifting between the living and the dead, let’s look at what foods are celebrated this month.

It’s National Vegetarian Awareness Month and if you don’t know about this, it just means you can start looking at your beans, rice, fruits, and vegetables in a different way. I have had numerous discussions with people who tell me they don’t like vegetables. When we get deeper into a discussion I help them realize the amount of vegetables that are actually in their diet. It’s a fun way to help someone discover that they are actually eating more vegetables than they realize.

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Food Observances in September 2015

September is rich in food celebrations, my favorite being Mushroom Month. I’ve been promising myself that I would post a bunch of mushroom recipes during this month, but who doesn’t love a good breakfast? With both National Waffle Week and National Pancake Day in September, we get an opportunity to dig into the breakfast theme.

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