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What do Vegans Fry?

Things Vegans Fry includes some of my favorite fried foods. If you think things like falafel or tater tots are hard to make, this book removes that fear with step by step instructions. Yes, I use oil. I use all sorts of things that the Healthy Folks want you to avoid. When I went to the Vegan Street Fair in NOHO, the longest line I saw, besides the line for tickets, was for Southern Fried Vegan. Proving my theory that vegans love fried food as well as any other kind of food.
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A Little Vacation

I’ve obviously taken a little vacation.

No, I did not have anything ready to cover the two weeks I decided to disengage. It seems that my capacity for smooth content is about two months. Running a blog isn’t easy; coming up with ideas, writing and editing articles, cooking, and taking photos, cataloging and editing the photos, choosing what goes up when. Yes, many of the food bloggers make it look easy. Most of them started small, like me, then they gained staff. There are two of us that run this little corner of the web and, sometimes, we run out of steam.

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I Wrote a Cookbook!

Sometimes as a chef I am challenged to write down recipes. The birth of this blog and website were because my spouse said, “Did you write that down? Go write it down.” I had bits and scraps of paper floating around the house with scribbles of ingredients and amounts. But there was nothing formal. So I took to writing the ingredients and process down in a notebook, then transcribed it to the blog.

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The Collective Culinary Journey

I love reading about food — history, memoirs, and yes, recipe books. I read some blogs; admittedly, I need to read more of them. What I’ve discovered is that I enjoy the collective story of the culinary journey.

I recently came across the blog Poor Man’s Feast, written by Elissa Altman, and the 2012  winner of the James Beard individual food blog award. Her writing is everything a food writer should be, and the blog is an amazing homage to memory, food, and her mother.

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Even Good Chefs Have Bad Days

During a shopping spree a little over a week ago, I finally found fresh curry leaves, an important ingredient in the cookbook I’m working out of: Dakshin: Vegetarian Cuisine from South India.

The recipes I chose to make were Beans Poriyal, Colocasia Roast (Small Taro root), Small Onion Sambar, and Curry Powder.  I also boiled potatoes for potato salad, and chopped cabbage for both coleslaw, and Bund Gobi. Much too much for the 12 feet of cooking space in the apartment.

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Weekday Vegetarian as an Option

This is a guest post written by my Partner, D’Marie.

I have been a vegetarian for a long time, approaching twenty years now. I have been a full on vegan for three or four and wheat free for two.  This has been a long process, not an overnight change.

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The Conscious Cook Book Review

I've got The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen in my hands right now. Yes, it is a two year old book, but he is still making news. I hadn't heard of him before because I wasn't following vegan blogs, and really don't have that much time. So I didn't catch reviews by those of you out there talking about the book. That's how I missed the news of a hot new chef making waves. I cracked the book.
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Culinary Sleuth

In order to bring you the Food knowledge and History section of this blog, I have had to become part food anthropologist, part researcher, and part historian. Not to mention a bit of a botanist to keep track of all the genus of plant life I am reading about.

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April Reading List

Here’s the culinary reading list so far this month…

Salt: A World History: I know, we’ve seen this one before, but I had to send it back to the library before I was done reading. This time I intend to finish it. Salt has had a huge impact on our world, and how it shaped world history.

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