Herb VinaigretteKitchen Shaman has branched out into the world of ebook publishing.  Now you can own digital copies of Kitchen Shaman’s personal recipes. Each one was developed with love and care over the years to rival the flavors found in the top restaurants where Chef Johnna Gale honed their skills, but with techniques simple enough to make at home.

Chef Johnna has built their collection of recipes since they were a young child and acquired a love of cooking from their maternal grandmother.  Later they refined their techniques and flavors working in some of the top restaurants in the American Southwest. Over the past dozen years they have applied that knowledge to developing enticing, mouth-watering, vegan dishes to satisfy herbivores and omnivores alike.

Every cookbook features vibrant photographs of the finished recipes and easy to follow instructions. Followers of the Kitchen Shaman Blog will be delighted to find new recipes unique to each book, as well as some of their Kitchen Shaman favorites, all in one volume that they can carry on their Kindle or other device wherever they go.

Learn more about these ecookbooks written by Chef Johnna:

Things Vegans Fry

Delectable Vegan Soups

Watch for additional recipe books coming soon!

Chef Johnna is busy refining more recipes to compile into more cookbooks. Follow them on social media for announcements of new titles as they are released.